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A book about the Irren-Offensive

This spring a book by Tina Stöckle about our work and experiences will be published (in German). It is called Die Irren-Offensive – Erfahrungen einer Selbsthilfe-Organisation von Psychiatrieopfern; this means: "The Mad-People's Offensive: Experiences of a Self-help Organization of Victims of Psychiatry." (...) Out of ten longer interviews with psychiatric victims there is derived, by looking at the life- and psychiatric-experiences of each one, how a real alternative to psychiatry has to be. There must or should be: solidarity, fighting against psychiatry and for human rights, collective dispute (protest) of social and living conditions, self-organization and self-help, liberation from psychiatric influence, autonomy and personal development, critical dispute with "experts," and dismantling of all relations of power inside the organization as well as resistance against extraneous control.

Peter Lehmann, in Madness Network News, Vol. 7 (1983), No. 2

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