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Basis text for the lecture from June 30, 2010, to the congress "The real person", organized by the University of Preston (Lancashire), Institute for Philosophy, Diversity and Mental Health, in cooperation with the European Network of (ex-) Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (ENUSP) in Manchester within the Parallel Session "Psychiatric Medicalization: User and Survivor Perspectives" (together with John Sadler, Professor of Medical Ethics & Clinical Sciences at the UT Southwestern, Dallas, and Jan Verhaegh, philosopher and ENUSP board-member, Valkenburg aan de Geul, The Netherlands); published without pictures in: Journal of Critical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy (United Kingdom), Vol. 10 (2010), No. 4, pp. 209-217  ·  Powerpoint-Presentation

Peter Lehmann

Medicalization and Irresponsibility

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