Working Party on psychiatry and human rights (CDBI-PH), which is responsible for the preparation of guidelines in this field

The Working Party is composed as follows:

  • Prof David Kingdon (United Kingdom), Chair, named by the CDBI;

  • Mr Frank Schürmann (Switzerland), Vice-Chair, named by the CDCJ (European Committee on Legal Co-operation);

  • Prof Jouko K. Lönnqvist (Finland), named by the CDSP (European Health Committee);

  • Dr Pierre Lamothe (France), named by the CDBI;

  • Prof. Dr Peter Riedesser (Germany), named by the CDBI;

  • Prof E. Roucounas (Greece), named by the CDDH (Steering Committee for Human Rights);

  • Dr Michael Mulcahy (Ireland), named by the CDBI;

  • Mrs Mariavaleria Del Tufo (Italy) named by the CDPC (European Committee on Crime Problems).

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